We, Racing World “Hon-Ten” shop, got big title last year.
What are we talking about?
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This year we won “Big Title” again.
We became “No1 Sales Shop for Pirelli & Metzeler Tire all over Japan”.
昨年はシャイな私たちが出来なかった「NO.1」のポーズです!(笑)ピレリジャパンの最高責任者アンドレア クレルチ氏(左奥)が再阪!またまた祝勝会を開いていただきました!今回3度目の再会ですがすでに「マブダチ」の私たちはすぐに盛り上がり今年の目標などいろんなお話をしました!

We are holing a pose as “NO.1” (we were too shy to do it last year).
Mr. Andrea Clerici (3rd person from left), Chief Executive of Pirelli Japan, came to Osaka again, and Triumphal Celebration was held again.
We have “Mabudachi friendship” and have already seen 3 times so that we warmed up soon and talked a lot (including our goal of this year).

Everybody hold proud No.1 pose with good smile on his face.

Our goal sales this year has already been set, and we are aiming No1 sales in Japan with members above.
Just go for it!!
When we think about our region and population of motorcycle riders, we can’t say that we have good advantage for sales.
However, we have well-trained “sales staff” who have totally know about products, “customers” who felt Pirelli & Metzeler tires are good and finally bought it, “maker”, and “sales persons”.
Record was set by their cooperation.
We will build a momentum and make a big leap.
Please cheer us up!!


In Kansai, please rely on this man, KAWAGUCHI, staff in “Hon-Ten” shop, for your motorcycle life.
We are waiting for you customers’ coming to provide our kindness and good service.

Thank you!!
by nusshann