PIRELLI&METZELER販売本数日本一!!!No1 Tire Sales of Pirelli&Metzeler


Long time no see!! This is Nushihara in Hon-Ten (our main shop)This time I’m going to introduce our felicitous achievement on this staff weblog.On Mar/28/2009 Sat, record was broken in this country.This picture shows last year’s two plaques for no.1 sales person “ KAWAGUCHI” and for shop award. (These are plaques for prizes through last year. I have ever introduced about this on this weblog.)

Please let me introduce two persons: Left is KAWAGUCHI, no.1 salesperson in Japan last year, belonging to Hon-Ten, and right is Mr. Yagi from OKADA-SYOUJI Especially both of two did really good job onMar/28/2009.
As you know, they broke the record that how many Pirelli&Metzeler tires can be sold in a day.Till then, record was 47tires (it was made by our RACING WORLD, Mimami-Osaka shop).This time record was broken with big number of 61 tires.This record is extremely difficult to be broken.This achievement was made by not only staff but also makers. We could work very well as a team. Of course, don’t forget customers who came to RACING WORLD, Hon-Ten all the way here.Without them, this record has not been.I thank to everybody who have cooperated with this great record!!

Here is the tire corner of Hon-Ten.Why could we become No.1 with this narrow space?This shop place is very narrow nationally.Comparing with Kanto region, number of customer and rate of riders are much less.However, what makes RACING WORLD Hon-Ten, which broke national record, so superior? After all, we know overwhelmingly about commodities.
We can recommend commodity perfectly with thinking about all customer’s condition and situation when they use it because we use them by ourselves, not just selling.Moreover, commodity itself is extremely good.When customers use it, they are going to be fan of this tire.

これは以前本店に来店していただいたピレリジャパンの最高責任者アンドレア クレルチ氏です。今年も順調にがんばってますよ!

This is Mr.Andorea Clerici, Chief Executive of PIRELLI Japan, who has ever visited us.
We are doing well this year, too.


In Kansai region, please ask to this man “KAWAGUCHI” in Hon-Ten.This year has just started. We have been trying to break new record!!We’ll do the best for the successive championship.Customers who can be a part of our history or who would like to know what kind of tires Pirelli&Metzeler are. Please visit KAWAGUCHI in Hon-Ten. P.S. Motohisa Nushihara, RACING WORLD "Hon-Ten shop, Osaka"